Locked Out Of Your Home? Here Are Some Tips

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another in our lives. It can be very demanding. It is potentially dangerous especially if there are small children inside the home, or the stove is on in the kitchen. This is the time to stay calm and act wisely & quickly. 

Indeed, it is exasperating and vexing, occurring invariably at the most inconvenient moment. Stay cool, and do not panic! Fortunately, there are a few things you can do if you find yourself locked out of your home:

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  1. Assess the situation. Are there small children inside? Are they at risk? Is the stove on? Is there any fire danger? Carefully assess the situation! This is the simplest solution and hopefully, it can resolve the situation.
  2. Call for help. Where is your cell phone? Is it locked inside the home? Ask your neighbor, and start making calls for help. The sooner you act, the quicker you will be able to gain access to your home. It is always wise to have a spare key with a close family member or neighbor. 
  3. If renting, call your landlord right away. It is very common for Landlords to have spare keys to their homes. They can quickly let you get access back into your home. 
  4. Try to open the windows or other ways to get into the property. We know you should never leave any windows opened or unlocked for security reasons! 
  5. Attempting to ascend to the roof is not advisable, as it could result in a potential fall hazard and lead to severe injuries. It’s better to just be patient and wait for a spare key or your residential locksmith to arrive. But try to do it in such an emergency. Maybe this trick works in that situation.
  6. DO NOT throw any rocks through the window or kick down your door. You could be injured and for sure will wind up with a repair bill to repair the broken glass or door. It is advisable to hire a locksmith who can perform the task without causing any damage.
  7. Firstly, Don’t call 911 for help if you are locked out unless there is an emergency like a fire or a child is hurt. Emergency services such as the police or fire rescue are not authorized to forcibly enter a property. 
  8. If time is of the essence, and you must not risk the safety of your children or home, then it is time to call our residential locksmith service in Loveland right away. It could be the quickest and safest way to go. We are professional locksmith service providers in Loveland. We offer emergency 24/7 locksmith service to make you come out of the situation in no time. Our locksmith team acts quickly if children or home safety is involved. We can grant access to your home without causing any unnecessary damage to your property. 
  9. If all else fails, break-in. This should be your last resort. It may be your best bet, if you can’t track down a spare key or a 24/7 emergency locksmith cannot reach you in time to prevent any potential risks. 
  10. Make a copy of your key and find a safe place to hide it outside your home. Or you can ask your locksmith to install a new lock or an electronic lock. 

residential locksmith service

It is advisable to keep a Locksmith’s contact information readily available, but in case you don’t have one, seek recommendations from trustworthy individuals. Referrals are the most reliable method, or search online for a certified residential locksmith service in Loveland that has received positive recommendations and reviews. When contacting a locksmith, clearly explain the circumstances and emphasize the potential safety risks to your locked children or the risk of fire. Be prepared to pay an average of $120-$150, but this expense is well worth the safety and prompt access to your property.