Lost Your Car Key! Now What You Have To Do?

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Gone are the days when you could simply use a metal key to open your car door unless you have an old-fashioned car. Nowadays, cars come with key fobs that let you open the door by pressing a button on the fob. In many cases, you can also use the key fob to open the trunk or hatch and to start the vehicle from a distance. Modern key fobs also have security features such as a panic alarm and transponder that is built into the key fob and is needed for the car to start.

These are great benefits, but if you misplace a key fob, you might have to pay a lot for a new one.

We are a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional automotive locksmith company in Loveland, CO. We have some helpful tips to remember when it comes to key fobs, including replacement car keys.

replacement car keys

If you rent a car and are given two key fobs for the car, your rental agreement will usually state that you have to return both key fobs or pay a fine for a lost one.

The first thing you should do is check your new car or extended car warranty, your car insurance policy, or your roadside assistance coverage because any of these sources might cover the cost of lost or damaged key fobs, including replacement car keys. Before claiming your car insurance, it is best to find out how much it will cost to replace and program the key fob.

The second thing you should do is to make sure you can show proof that you own the vehicle.

A locksmith or car dealership staff member will typically ask you to show your driver’s license and proof that you own the vehicle, such as a title. They will compare the name on your license with the owner’s name on the title of the vehicle. They will also check if the vehicle identification number on the title matches the VIN plate on the vehicle to make sure that you are the legal owner of the vehicle.

Key fobs are essential for unlocking the door, starting the car remotely, and providing advanced anti-theft features. It is best to first check with a locksmith if they can replace and reprogram the key fob for your specific vehicle, including replacement car keys.

replacement car keys

Key fobs for some vehicles are only available through a car dealership. It seems that these vehicles have an advanced security system with complex technology. We can help you get a new car key that will work just like the original one, including replacement car keys. If you bought the right key fob yourself, then our locksmith will install it and program it to work with your car. It will send a unique, low-frequency radio signal to a receiver unit in your vehicle and make it function well.

We advise you not to waste your money by buying online. Remember that a faulty key fob can be a target for hackers and thieves.

The price of getting a new key fob depends on the type of vehicle you have, and we offer a service for replacement car keys that is more affordable. We have a mobile unit that can come to you wherever you are, at home at work, or any place you prefer. We are usually ready for emergency work, day and night. As a reliable and trustworthy locksmith company in Loveland, CO, we want to keep your vehicle secure. We enjoy what we do and are here to assist you. Connect with us anytime for residential, commercial or automotive locksmith needs, including replacement car keys! You can rely on our team irrespective of your emergency locksmith need!