What To Do When Your Residential Keys Are Not Working; Should You Contact A Locksmith

The locks on the doors of your home or business should provide a sense of safety and security. However, many people run into frustrating situations when they find themselves unable to unlock their doors. If your key doesn’t turn in the lock, you could consider DIY options, or potentially contact a residential locksmith service in Loveland

Once you can return home, replacing your hardware may be a good idea. Contact our residential locksmith service in Loveland for assistance. We will help you find the perfect new keyed door knob for your home. It might be a good time now to consider a keyless entry set. It will surely simplify your life and remove the complications that comes with handling the keys. 

Stuck with a key that won’t turn in the lock? Fortunately, several do-it-yourself options can quickly unlock your door! But you may not have the tool, skill & time to fix your key lock problems. It is always wise to go with a reliable residential locksmith service that can help you come out of the worried situations.
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When to Contact a Locksmith

Are you experiencing any of these key or lock problems that prevent you from unlocking your doors? You might need our residential locksmith service in Loveland. We can resolve the undermentioned issues in no time!

The Keys Were Just Cut

Does a freshly cut key can be inserted into the lock but won’t turn to open it? The likely reason is that the key was not cut precisely enough.

The Key Won’t Go In All the Way

The keys may not go into the lock all the way because there is an obstruction. The pins or pin chamber in the lock may have corroded or worn out over time. Faulty pins or a damaged chamber could lead to the lock or door malfunctioning.

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The key turns in the lock, but the door remains stuck shut. You turn the key, but the lock isn’t turning! The lock mechanism may be faulty, there could be a misalignment issue, or the lock cylinder could be malfunctioning. We have the solution for such issues.

The Key Gets Broken In the Lock

Your key breaks in the lock & it is difficult to retrieve the broken key. You may not remove it even if you use your nose pliers. Never make the mistake of attempting to put the key back with superglue. The glue residue may harm your key and lock mechanism.

The Lock Body Is Broken 

The night latch is a common type of locking mechanism. To replace a broken lock body, unscrew the existing lock mechanism from the door and screw on a new one.

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Issues With the Door Position

There is an issue with the locking point alignments if your drawer can be locked or unlocked when open, but not when closed. This misalignment can prevent you from unlocking the drawer when it is closed. 

Problems With the Lock Cylinder 

There is a set of serrated pins that move up and down as the key is inserted into the locking mechanism. In many cases, the pins simply need additional lubrication so they can move up and down more easily. If they still do not function properly after lubrication, this may indicate that your entire locking system needs to be replaced.

The appearance of key issues may signal that it’s time to replace your aging or outdated hardware. Want to fix your jammed door lock? Replace or repair your residential locking system with a Mountain locksmith in Loveland, Colorado! We can help update your home’s look and improve how your doors function. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions. We will be happy to help you find the solution that will match your home’s style and needs.