What To Do While Facing Different Car Locks & Keys Related Issues

Car Key Stuck in Ignition & Solutions

Have your car keys stuck in the ignition? It’s a common problem for most car riders. It is an unexpected problem that occurs at any time of the day or night. 

Most car keys are made from soft metal. It may wear out since we use them daily. But it invites understandable frustration! The use of force or wrong tools can cause much bigger damage. It might cost more time and money to fix a swell.

There are several options you can explore before resorting to contacting a professional locksmith technician for assistance! If you see visible damage to the car key or ignition, call a professional immediately. It will be the way to avoid further damage.

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The car is not turned off & Solutions

We know it sounds silly! However, it is the primary cause of keys becoming stuck in the ignition. This issue is prevalent in most vehicles equipped with keyed ignitions. Therefore, the initial step to take in such a scenario is to ensure that your car is fully turned off before attempting to remove the key. Most cars today are programmed and won’t turn off if the car’s gear shift is not on “parking”. 

What to do?

After understanding the thing there will be no reason to keep searching for the problem. 

Wear & Tear

Sometimes in old car models, you see a lot of wear and tear in the ignition or keyway. Also, the car key is made out of soft metal gets weaker due to use. 

What to do?

The first thing you can try in such a situation is to apply lubricant/oil spray to the stuck key and ignition switch. If the issue lies with an aged or deteriorated mechanism, it could potentially assist in extracting the key. Use the WD-40.

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Steering Wheel Locking system

You can move the stuck steering wheel, but you can’t move the key with the steering wheel’s locking system. The primary cause for this situation is when we switch off our vehicle while the wheels are locked in various directions.

What to do?

Gently turn the steering wheel from side to side as you attempt to remove the key. It is important to handle the situation delicately. Doing this carefully avoids damaging the key or worsening the issue. Once you hear a click indicating that the system is unlocked, you should be able to safely retrieve your key. If that doesn’t work, then call our car locksmith in Loveland. We have the right tools to resolve the issue.

The key broke in the ignition

This is perhaps the most severe instance of them all. If your key becomes stuck inside the ignition, it indicates that it is broken. This unfortunate situation can arise due to various circumstances. One of them is not paying much attention to our car keys. Unfortunately, a key can break in the ignition due to a wrong angle, excessive use of force, or just bad luck.

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What to do?

Never try to pull the key out yourself! We recommend using the services of our professional car locksmith in Loveland., We assessed the thing and made sure no damage was caused to the ignition. We make the new key and make your car run again.

Obstruction in the ignition cylinder

The keyway can be blocked in some cases. The blockage happens due to spilling food, dust, debris, and much more. Ensure that your keyway is tidy and devoid of any clutter. 

What to do?

It may seem amusing, but malleable metal tends to expand when heated, therefore after all the maneuvering and tugging, it could be beneficial. A ziplock bag with ice works well to remove the debris. But it is wise to call our car locksmith in Loveland. We are here for you 24/7.


Never take car key problems lightly. It should be handled with due care sooner rather than later. If you notice your key is not turning like it used to, or it takes too long to start the car, or having a problem extracting the key once you have parked or any other related problem then it is time to call our car locksmith in Loveland. To obtain further details or support with retrieving a car key, feel free to contact us at any time by dialing 970-415-3200.